Saturday, January 27, 2007

Additions to the Sidebar

I've struggled for a good ten minutes to figure out how to introduce the newest additions to my sidebar. They have, in a very short time, come in and captured a piece of my heart. They will become regular readers (people I read, not that read me) I'm sure. Warm and sincere and caring, they are inviting reads.

First up is Margaret, aka "Minnesota Mom". I discovered her through Sarah and her Kitchen Madonna post. I started looking around, intending only to browse, when it happened. As it has happened many times before, one post caught my eye. The one post referred to another before it - which I had to read. And since I liked those so much, I might as well just enjoy one more. I was a goner. (Not to mention she roped my heart and wasn't letting go with the announcement of her miscarriage. God love her. What a hard thing to share! I left my own comments there. Pray for her and her family, please.)

Second is Diane, author of "The Jouney of a Mother's Heart". Margaret (from above) gave her a shout out for this post. I knew not even half-way through it that I liked her. What a girl! Someone like that deserves to be read. I know that I was touched in a special way reading her post. God spoke through it to me -- about a subject completely unrelated! What a blessing. The other thing that really got me was the fact that she and her husband have adopted four children from other countries (two from China, if I remember my research correctly). I have recently begun babysitting for a family with a daughter from China. Sweet Dawn* is so little and everything here is very new to her. She is still adjusting to life here (4 months into her life in the States) and her parents are still adjusting to leaving their baby that they worked so hard to bring home. Her dad is especially attached. The special bonds of love are intruiging to me - and I hope to learn more through reading this blog. I hope that I can gain some insight into families with adopted children. In my head I know that it is much the same as any other family. But on some level, I also know it's different.

Third is Jane from "Blackberry Brambles". I, admittedly, have not had much time to look around at her place but I figure the blogger that came up with the kitchen sink idea was certainly one I would enjoy reading! I'll be dropping by soon, Jane. I promise! (Not that she would really care either way. Haha. Moving on...)

Last, but certainly not least, is Jennifer at "As Cozy as Spring". She did me in with the photos and a single mention of St. Frances de Sales! (No, I haven't had time to read much there either. But I look forward to doing that soon!)

Hope you enjoy taking a look around their blogs as much as I have (and will). Until next time... be holy!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And may I just say...

Zank you!

Said in my best heavily Slavic accent.

Even though I'm French-Canadian.

And you can't go wrong with those other 3 bloggers. I personally think that I'm in far better company than I deserve....

and I LOVE your blog, as well.

In fact, with your permission, I'd love to include that AWESOME quote by my beloved St. Josemaria on my sidebar, along with a link to my newest friend-of-the-heart, Laura.

PS. changed the quote! Please, e-mail me with the one you had up just prior. You know, where he talked about getting anxious...

....because as you can clearly see, I need it. ;)

1/29/2007 12:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Thank you for such kind words! I am honored. Your blog immediately captured me as well. I have met so many more faithful Catholics online than I ever have in real life. It is so encouraging.

1/29/2007 05:48:00 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

Margaret sent me here to see what wonderfully kind words you had written about me. Thank you so very much! I am so humbled that my simple post had such an effect. Truly.

I completely agree with your assessments of the other bloggers mentioned here. They are among my favorites.

I don't have time to spend more time (it's 3AM in Belgium!), but I will definitely be back. This first visit tells me that I will feel right at home here. Merci!

1/29/2007 08:02:00 PM  

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