Sunday, January 14, 2007

She's a DIY girl.

Yep. That's me. I'm a DIY girl at heart. And as you can probably tell, I'm not at all ashamed.

I pretty much do whatever I want in that, if I want to make something, and I don't know how to make it, I'll teach myself. I'll read or study pictures and figure it out. I 'wing' it. I taught myself to play guitar and I can play piano enough to teach myself new music. I sew my own clothes, make my own cards, and now.. I make furniture! Hehe.

I'd built plenty of things for theatre - but that was stage stuff. Unless we were building for an intimate audience (rarely), it didn't really matter who was working on the pieces. And I learned a lot. I also learned a lot from my dad, who has always let me help him do things. He's a DIY guy - so I guess I got it from him.

Today during the 'winter blast', my family and I were sitting in our living room talking about what we were going to do today. I'm not really sure how we came to it, but I started asking questions about cost of materials to build a desk or shelves or a small bed. And before I knew it, we were all getting bundled up to head to Lowe's! Off we went...

I took my 'schedule' (as it's called in the carpentry world) but we hadn't really decided on moulding (my sister had to help since I am putting it in her room!) and I had forgotten to add those dimensions in. And being a family of five, we had a bunch of detours to look at things completely unrelated, but fun none-the-less. About three or so hours later, after a trip to two supply stores, we arrived back home with all the materials.

It seemed like no time at all when we had this on our hands (time flies when you're having fun):

It's obviously not finished yet. It is still lacking some grouting, a support/lip sanding, moulding, primer, and paint but I don't think it's looking too bad. We'll see what we come up with tomorrow. I'll post more pictures then. Let me know what you think!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job! Come on over and build some here! :)

1/15/2007 07:34:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, i added a corner banner to my blog. what do you think?

1/16/2007 08:17:00 PM  
Blogger Laura H. said...

i think it's alright. not stunning - but not ugly. that makes it a keeper (at least for now) in my book. ;)

1/16/2007 10:46:00 PM  

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