Friday, January 12, 2007

Amazing How God Works

It never fails that when I am in a bind, God comes to my 'rescue'. Today I was supposed to be meeting with a potential employer for a second interview (after my first yesterday). I'm still on the fence about the job so I was really dreading it. I didn't want to go in not knowing whether I wanted it or not. I had called some of my good friends already but still hadn't really gotten the chance to talk to anyone. Well.. today during work, one friend called back. So on my way to let the dog out, I called her back and we talked about it a little bit. She made some good points and I really appreciated her as a sounding board. At the end of the discussion I was pretty much in the same place I was when it started. But she recommended a priest to me. She suggested I call him immediately (since the decision has to be made so soon). I was close to my home so I decided then and there to call as soon as I could get back to get the number. "Hopefully," I thought, "I'll be able to speak with him before that interview tonight." Not two minutes later my phone was ringing again. This time it was my interviewer. We'd have to reschedule, she told me. I was so relieved. Still when I got home I called the friary immediately. The message? Fridays are a day of prayer for the brothers. I could leave a message or call back at another time. I left a message.

But isn't it funny how the interview was going to have to be moved to the later part of the weekend and the brothers had a day of prayer on Friday? I think God's helping me out here. I'll most likely get to speak to a priest or my spiritual director before going in for a second interview! At first I was bummed that the interview was being pushed back (because now I have to wait to get more answers) but I realized very soon that this was a huge blessing to me!

Our God is good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is interesting. It just shows that God is in control and He wants the best for you. I hope and pray that you receive the job you want. Take care and God bless!

1/13/2007 11:41:00 PM  

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