Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thank you, Lord Jesus

Sometime in the past year I trained myself to always make the sign of the cross when I recognize God's help in my life. Typically this presents itself in finding something I am desperately in need of, just barely avoiding a collision (usually swerving to avoid a car -- happens more than is at all comfortable) or something of similar type. As my hand crosses my body - up, down, left, right - I whisper, "Thank you, Lord Jesus."

I want never to forget to thank Him, especially when I am able to do it at the very moment He has helped me.

It wasn't until the other day though that a profound gratitude and sense of peace and love overcame me as I did this. I've already forgotten what it was exactly I was thanking Him for (I do it several times every day) when, mid-sign, I realized that as I thanked Him for His help in that moment, I thanked Him also for the gift of His life. How beautiful and awe-inspiring it was to recognize once more in the sign of the cross the rich symbolism of Christ's death. He died that I may live. He died that you may live.

Since that time in the car, I have been blessed to feel in a very real way the presence of the love of Christ in my life. I have become more keenly aware of His graces and mercy in my every moment of life. Indeed, His loving presence has penetrated my senses, my thoughts, and I do hope my actions.

What a glorious love it is, this love of Christ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful practice to have. For me, it reinforces the moment that I recognize Divine Intervention is some way--similar to the way that making a sign of the cross as I pass by a Catholic Church reinforces in my mind the recognition that Jesus is Present in that building.

Afterward I can easily recall God's real interaction in my life. It makes the moment real in my memory. Wonderful post and great reflection! Thank you for it.

6/14/2008 12:22:00 AM  
Blogger veronica said...

How is your move going? Praying for you!

6/14/2008 02:45:00 PM  

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