Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I call you friend

Intended for Novemeber 2, 2006 but finished November 7, 2006.
Yesterday at the baptism of Maximilian, a question I had been pondering lately was answered quite clearly. I asked the question in a poll at phatmass, knowing quite well what my own answer was. The question was this:

Is it or is it not our job (to a point) to promote the sanctity of every human being, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ?

An overwhelming majority said it was. And I agree with them. So does Father Juniper. It is ABSOLUTELY our job to promote the sanctity of our loved ones... and even those whom we do not know! In the rite of baptism, the faithful gathered there promise to guide and raise the child in the faith, helping them to become a saint. It is asked specifically of the Godparents. They respond, "We are." Father proceeded to explain our involvement in that statement like this:

If mom and dad are busy and little Maximilian starts to run off somewhere he shouldn't, we would step in and snatch him up. When he goes to touch something hot, we don't wait for someone else to tell him 'no'. We all help the parents to the best of our ability to raise the child and to protect him. In faith, we provide a good example. We are faithful in what we do and what we say, showing the little ones how to live out and live with the love of Christ.

At what point though do we discontinue our faithful example? Well, I don't believe we ever do. We, as a faith community as well as individuals, are responsible for keeping each other in check, so to speak. It is our obligation as followers of Christ to preach the Gospel and lead by example so that every heart may be converted by the love of Christ. If we see a friend living a life of sin and we fail to say something, we too are sinning. If we do not provide correction, if we condone the action, or aide the person in the act in some way, we too are sinning. But regardless of the effect it has on us, should we not be concerned for the state of another's soul?

When we marry, it is our priority to help our spouse to heaven. When we have children, a priority then is to raise our children to be saints. But simply because we do not share a marriage bed or give life to the person whom is sinning does not mean that we are freed of the obligation to provide counsel and correction. Christ calls each of us to bring the world to Him and to His sacred heart.

Each of us are called to love like Christ and in loving like Christ we care for the person's soul always. Period. End of story.


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