Sunday, November 05, 2006

Countdown to New York

11 days and counting...

The Community of Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal was Established in 1988 under the auspices of John Cardinal O’Connor of New York, with Fr. Andrew Apostoli CFR as Founding Father. The aim of the Community is to live the Gospel values in simplicity according to the ideals of St. Francis as handed on by the Capuchin tradition. The spiritual values uniting the sisters are personal and communal commitment to Jesus Christ through contemplative and liturgical prayer (daily Mass and Divine Office), daily Eucharistic adoration, Fridays as a special day of prayer, a time set apart for solitude each month, devotion to our Lady, imitation of St. Francis and St. Clare, love for the Church and loyalty to the Holy Father. The sisters’ apostolic mission is work with the poor and homeless and evangelization. The sisters work with a parallel community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in many works of their apostolate. The age limit for entrance is 35 years old; no college degree is necessary. “Consecrated persons will be missionaries above all by continually deepening their awareness of having been called and chosen by God, to whom they must therefore direct and offer everything that they are and have, freeing them-selves from the obstacles which could hinder the totality of their response” - Vita Consecrata, . 25.



Blogger Jennifer F. said...

Just wanted to drop a note to say I'm really excited for you, and thanks for sharing your experience. As a convert, this sort of thing is completely unfamiliar to me, so it's fascinating to read about your journey.

11/06/2006 10:38:00 AM  

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