Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Michelob Ultra? Okay.

via Happy Catholic...

Michelob Ultra

(0% dark & bitter, 33% working class, 33% genuine)

Nothing says Michelob Ultra like three Deltas on Wednesday night. Arg!

But let's look closer...Is the girl in the green more than just your
everyday sister? Well, for one thing, her purse is actually pretty
cute. And...wait a second...seriously...is she double-fisting Michelob
Ultra? Is she secretly an *Awesome Tiger Of The Night* (!?), ironically
binging on focus-group swill to draw into even sharper relief the
vapidity of the so-called "college experience," and who like some
tube-topped Prometheus, suffers her nightly immolations so that the
rest of us can know how bad it sucks to live, love, work, breathe, and
die in Columbus, Ohio? What?! Maybe she's actually cool?

My point is: even in seemingly clear-cut situations, things
aren't actually so obvious. So if you're still with me, let's move back
to you and the facts of your actual case.

Personality-wise, your scores indicate you have a light,
easy-going personality and this makes you likeable & quite popular.
Like most such people, you can, at times, seem a little superficial.
But like our friend in green there, perhaps there's more to you than it
seems at first blush. Your scores indicate you have refined tastes, as
well, which I can certainly relate to, and my guess is you're the
leader of your friends. And, finally, if you've managed to read all the
way through to the end of this description, I feel compelled to say
that I actually like you a lot. So there. Happy drinking, whatever your

I actually started this as something completely different but this will work for now. It gives you what I consider to be a little insight to my personality. For my next post: Growing old or growing up? I will discuss my own struggles with the difference in the two and coping with growing old, growing up, and moving on.


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