Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Runnin' the Race

I was talking to my friend Katie this morning and she though this would be "blog appropriate." Here ya go:

I’ve been keeping a journal for the past couple of weeks. When I started it, it was just a journal, just a place to write down what was happening and how I felt about it. It was alright for a while but I wasn’t sure how long I would actually keep it up. As can be seen here, I have a hard time writing when expectations creep up.

I was talking to a friend one morning about it and told her I decided to make my journal letters to God. We had talked about needing to develop a more personal relationship with God and this was my way. I do best when I write. I can write to God like I would talk to her. I started that same day.

It’s been about a week now and it’s been wonderful. I love it. And I love this personal connection I’m beginning to develop. I’ve never had a connection like I have now. I’ve had a connection, but not an intimate one. It was always very formal, rigid, uncomfortable.

This morning while I was driving to get coffee I was reflecting on this development in my life. And then it came to me:

God is like a good race spectator: forever cheering you on - even when and ESPECIALLY when you are slowing down, feel like you might die, and really just want to throw in the towel. He’s the one waiting for you at the Finish Line cheering like you’re the first person ever to cross it even though a thousand more have crossed before you.

His graces are to the soul what water is to the body. They’re available to everyone but only you can choose to receive them and to be nourished by them.

Pretty cool, huh?


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