Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Strange Happenings in the Land of Laura

The Land of Laura is an interesting place. (I just decided that the Land of Laura is the name of the place that sits behind my eyes and between my two ears.) Here are some things I've laughed about today:

When commenting on a friend's facebook status, I wanted to reference the egg that fell off the wall in the childhood nursery rhyme. Do you follow? It took a while for me to figure out what his name was. Then I had to google it. I was saying things like "humpity dumpty? humpidty dumpity? humpy dumpity?" to myself for what was probably close to a solid minute. Then when I finally figured it out and posted the comment, I laughed. Moments like that - the ones that are so silly and random and seemingly dumb - just make me who I am. I have them constantly - waaaay more than most people know.

Can I share that I make a lot of ear wax? Is that gross? I'm just trying to be real. Telling you that I have an issue with the buildup of soft ear wax and that my feet sweat (a lot) helps me to take myself a lot less seriously. It's amazing how light and fun and free I feel when I share things like that. You should try it.

Another funny thing that happened to me today that happens to me way more than people know: ... Well actually before I get into that I should say that only one person knows this happens to me and she only heard about it today. Good times. Okay, so I was intending to go to wordpress (where I have another blog - yes I have 3!!) and instead went to Wikipedia. I had started to type Wordpress when I thought of something else and watched myself type Wikipedia. The funny part? I wasn't thinking Wikipedia. My brain just kinda went its own direction on that one. And yes, similar things happen to me daily.

I bought a new journal (soft cover moleskine, my love) and with the exception of a couple days, I've been really great about writing a couple pages each night. When I'm journaling, I'll sometimes write words that I do not mean to write because I start thinking about something else. And the worst part is that the words I write not only are not the words I intended, they also have nothing to do with the thought that came blazing through my little brain. They are just random words that start with the same letter... if I'm lucky! Sometimes I don't even get that. (Hello, Ghostwriter!) And then, so I don't have to look stupid (in my own journal, the journal that only I see and is carried with me everywhere to ensure it), I work it into whatever I was saying. Because, well, you know, some day someone is probably going to read that journal. And I can't distract them from the brilliance of my life story by crossing through something. (Hahahaha!)

Well that felt good. I hope you enjoyed these fun stories from the Land of Laura. If you didn't, that totally sucks. You have now lost two minutes of your life to something you did not enjoy. If you did, stick around. There's lots more crazy where that came from!


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Keep on blogging, the world needs to hear your message.

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