Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick Note

Just a quick note, a bit of an update.

In the years that I've been blogging, I've always been on-again, off-again. It takes a lot to blog well. You have to be dedicated, consistent and thorough. While I'd like to say it's the quality of what you post and not the quantity, that's simply not the truth. If you blog occasionally and have profound, interesting, or thought-provoking things to say, you may or may not generate a readership. If you do it will likely be small. If you go extended periods without posting, it is likely that group will start to dwindle. People will come and go, replacing each other sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. If you blog often but have nothing of any real consequence to say, it is likely you will gain a larger readership, though maybe not a loyal one. They may come and go but the chances of an extended length visitor increase simply because you have more content. If you post often AND your material is good (even here and there), like Happy Catholic, you are likely to gain a steady and large readership.

I fall into the "I never post and usually say nothing of any interest to anyone outside my home" category. And so I have never had a large readership. And that's alright.

This is me saying that if you stumble upon this blog, laugh, cry, or think a little, don't expect it to ever happen again. Expectations kill, especially with me and this blog!

That being said, I will now go on.

This weekend I went on a parish retreat, Christ Renews His Parish. It was beyond amazing. I truly had a spiritual experience. I'm sure you're thinking, "well DUH laura. you were on a CHURCH RETREAT." Those who know me know that I have been on many, many retreats. I've been to good ones, mediocre ones, and downright awful ones. I've even seen the Pope at World Youth Day. I'm not one to promote this kind of stuff, especially someplace like this, but seriously y'all, this retreat was awesome.

In fact, the intensity of what I got from the retreat cannot be adequately described or communicated in human words or expressions. It's one of those dance-because-you-feel-like-bustin, sing-because-you-cant-just-talk, cry-because-you-need-to-release-some-emotion feelings.

I am overwhelmed with joy and peace. And as my new favorite song so perfectly says, "it feels like chaos but somehow there's peace." Yes, it feels like chaos - in my heart, my mind, my body (maybe that's a lack of sleep... hmmm...) - but somehow, there's PEACE.

A big, warm, heartfelt thank you to the women of CRHP Team 13. You are forever my earthly angels!


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