Thursday, December 28, 2006


L.E.A.P. - It stands for Liturgy.Education.Apostolate.Prayer. and it's something that Remnant practices. From the site:
L.E.A.P is a simple program to help form and maintain a strong spiritual life. In our modern society we focus very heavily on the body. We are concerned with diets, working out, sports, conditioning, etc. We must not forget the importance of our soul and the formation and conditioning of the soul. The LEAP program is a personal or group commitment to living out liturgy, education, apostolate and prayer each day. You chose the liturgy, education, apsotolate and prayer and stick with it. Change the rules as you go to fit your spirituality. Here are some examples:

Person One commits to:
Liturgy - praying Liturgy of the Hours night prayer each day
Education - reading a few pages of “Story of a Soul” each night
Apostoalte - going to one Youth Group activity a week at their parish
Prayer - praying before every meal

Person Two commits to:
Liturgy - reading the daily reading and story of the Saint of the Day each day
Education - reading some of the works of John Paul the Great each day
Aposotlate - teaching in a Religious Education program for elementary
Prayer - praying the Rosary each day

Remnant Catholic Apostolate is personally commited to LEAP and we will be adding ideas to this section so that you can grow spiritually.
L.E.A.P. has proven very helpful, even for me (I tend to be really hard on myself when I miss something), and I'm excited to continue it. Each of the apostolate members has a L.E.A.P. commitment partner that he or she speaks with once a week. We hold each other accountable for each of our commitments and encourage each other in them. The partners change every couple of months so that helps to keep things fresh. It also helps us to get to know each other even better! I love having prayer partners (or, in this case, accountability partners) because it really allows you to know someone on a deeper, more spiritual level. It serves to bring out the holy and the human in them at the same time. Love it!

My commitments are as follows:
Liturgy: Liturgy of the Hours each day (no less than morning and night), Mass readings for the day
Education: A few pages of Encyclicals by Pope John Paul the Great each night
Apostolate: Help to provide music for the Youth Mass each week (as well as 9am)
Prayer: Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day after work

I know my partner will help me to keep these commitments. I know he is praying for my success! And I am praying for his.

If you struggle with keeping your commitments or are looking for ways to excercise your soul, try L.E.A.P.! It's spiritual fitness and it's not hard to do! Since you set your own goals, you get to choose things that fit your schedule and your spirituality. It's great for groups or individuals. Chances are, someone else is looking for support and encouragement too. Ask around, you might be surprised!

That's all for today... be holy!


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