Sunday, December 24, 2006

Daddy of a nun...

Come Lord Jesus!

Only an hour or two now before little porclain baby Jesus dolls will be brought out all over central America. I'm very excited. -- I wanted to share this little poem with you which was posted on phatmass. I think it's cute. Here's to all the daddies of nuns.. *cheers!*

"Sure, my daughter has been vested
And my joy I cannot hide,
For I've watched her from the cradle
With a father's honest pride.

But the morn she left me early
I was feeling mighty blue,
Just a-thinkin' how I'd miss her
And the things she used to do.

But now, somehow it's different -
With each rising of the sun,
My heart is ever singing,

'I'm the daddy of a nun.'

Since to err is only human
There's a whole lot on the slate
That I'll have to make account for
When I reach the golden gate.

But them I'm not a-worryin'
About the deeds I've done
I'll just whisper to St. Peter:

'I'm the daddy of a nun.'



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