Monday, December 04, 2006

Audio Mass Readings Now Online

WASHINGTON, D.C., DEC. 4, 2006 ( The daily Mass readings are now downloadable from the Web site of the U.S. bishops' Catholic Communication Campaign.

The program was prepared in association with the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine using audio recordings of the readings from the New American Bible.

Information on downloading the audio can be found on the "Daily Readings" section of the bishops' Web site at

"The Internet is now a part of our lives and a medium which can help provide for spiritual enrichment," said Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco, chairman of the bishops' Committee on Communications. He said the new service "responds to the many requests for 'podcasts' of the readings."

The committee approved a $30,000 grant for the podcast project last June.

Patricia Ryan Garcia, project coordinator, noted: "Several readers, including bishops, clergy, and laity from different ethnic backgrounds, have lent their voices to the project so listeners will hear at least three different voices on any given day."

The audio recordings are accessible free of charge through several popular Internet audio content aggregators including Apple's iTunes, Feedburner and Podcast Alley.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome! thanks for the heads-up.

also, check out my post for the feast of st. nicholas:


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