Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lord, hear our prayer!

+ for the holy souls in purgatory
+ for the suffering and hopeless
+ for those with no one to pray for them
+ for the sick, dying, and our beloved dead
+ for our troops everywhere
+ for a peaceful end to abortion, euthanasia, artificial birth control and capital punishment
+ for our priests and other clergy, especially throughout the United States
+ four our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, and all of his intentions
+ for Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Corsicana
+ for the upcoming confirmation retreat and the apostolate members working on that
+ for my talk at the upcoming retreat on our call to holiness
+ for the lock-in for life and remnant cd release party
+ for the holiness of my family
+ for the intentions of all the Friars and Sisters
+ for my vocational discernment
+ for all those whom I've promised to pray

--originally posted at Requesting Thine Aid--



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