Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Countdown to New York

Four weeks, two days until I fly to New York to visit the Sisters for the first time...

I have so much to do and now I really feel like I have so little time to do it! I'm going to call Sister Clare tonight (or one of the sisters) and ask for some kind of list or something so that I don't forget anything. I've never been that far north for winter so that will be a challenge in and of itself. Add to that that I usually forget the most essential item every time I pack... it'll be interesting.

I'm both nervous and excited. I really feel like this is a big trip for me.
I'm spiritually ready, I think. Let's hope it stays that way. All I need now is to be physically ready...

Pray for me, please! I could use all the prayers you can offer, especially in these next four weeks.



Blogger Mhari said...

In case your attempt to talk to Sr Clare was unsuccessful (mine often are, she's sooo busy!)....

You need a notebook for a diary, I filled around half of one in one visit! I found having a daily missle was useful for personal prayer (or the Magnificat if you get it, lots of the Sisters do) and a bible is useful as they do lectio, but you can borrow one. You get to go to lots of wonderful classes, so perhaps actually two notebooks would be good so you can keep your thoughts and notes from classes seperate... I didn't :)

Other than that you need warm clothes incase you go pray at a clinic, and stuff you don't mind getting dirty as I spent a LOT of my time cleaning, gardening, etc (and still loved it! miracle!) and you really don't need much else. I guess you'll be sleeping in the basement (I remembered the right American word, go me!), but don't worry, it isn't cold and they'll give you loads of blankets. Oh you'll have such a marvellous time. I can't tell you what you'll be doing as I never spent two days in exactly the same way, and I've been 3 times for 10 days to 2 weeks each! I'll pray for you, and please send my love to the Sisters, Mhari from Scotland, I'm gonna write to Sr Clare soon, but want to talk to my SD first.

God bless you

10/21/2006 11:45:00 AM  
Blogger Mhari said...

Oh, and because Sr Clare is really busy you'll never really know what's going on... but no-one really does, you get used to it! They generally tell you 10 minutes before something happens! Don't worry if the whole week (are you going for a week?) is nearly over and you haven't had a chance to speak with her, she'll fit you in before you go! And theres a helpful info sheet by your bed when you arrive to give you hints about what to do (like the Sisters kneel and kiss the floor of the chapel when entering and leaving... how lovely!) so you'll be fine. Sorry to go on so much, I'm so excited for you :)

10/21/2006 11:49:00 AM  
Blogger Laura H. said...

Thank you for all of the information Mhari! It helps put me more at ease! I actually JUST picked up a new journal! Woohoo! Now I have a use for it. ;)

I'm going to be there for six days. Most of the girls will only be there for four from what I can tell but because I'm coming in from Texas, she said I could come in early and leave late. :)

Hearing you speak of it makes me so excited!

Oh - and about the kissing the floor thing - I learned that from my youth minister (who of course learned it from them) and have done it for a while now! It truly is a beautiful practice!

I'm guessing I won't get to do as much as you did since you stayed for so long but I'm also hoping this won't be my last trip!

Thank you again so much for all of the tips and well wishes! Please keep close. I may have some questions for you. ;)

10/21/2006 11:09:00 PM  

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