Sunday, October 15, 2006

Normal... or weird?

So I work at a hotel and tonight a gentleman was escorted through the front door by three tired-looking but jolly, wet, dirty, smelly firefighters. They told us that the man's car had just burned and he needed a room for the night. They were still talking to him about the details of his car and such there at the desk so I'm assuming they didn't waste time coming from the site of the fire. Besides that, the man still looked REALLY shaken (I'm sure he will be for some time but if you've worked at a hotel, you know what I mean when I say I could tell this was a very new situation). He was really dirty, his clothes were all over the place (on his body - they were a wet mess) and he was soaking. His glasses were crooked on his nose and it looked like he would break down crying at any moment. He couldn't think very clearly so it was good that the firefighters were there to do that for him. But I digress...

As I was standing there entering his information into the system, I looked up long enough to notice that his scapular was peeking out from behind the top of his wrinkly, wet shirt.

I always feel for those people who come into our hotel after fighting with a spouse, losing a loved one, or breaking down - but this time I felt connected to this guy in a way I never have with other guests in similar situations. As soon as I saw it I was moved. I don't really know HOW I was moved, I just knew that I was.


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