Friday, September 22, 2006

Sneaky, sneaky...

I bumped this up because I finally got around to giving the picture a working link.

I love secret projects. I really, really do. I love surprising people with things I've made for them or found for them that they couldn't find themselves. I just love making people smile. They may not always smile from ear to ear but even just a faint glimpse of one makes me burst with excitement inside. I love happy people.

One of my most recent was a handmade card. I honestly don't know if it cost me more to make it than it would have to buy it but I didn't care. I love giving homemade things. They know that you had to take time to make it for them and hopefully that emphasizes your message, be it one of thanks, praise, or comfort. I've pictured it below .. (if any of you remember, I left this one out of my last post of cards I'd made so as not to ruin the surprise)...

The next project is really cool, I think, and I'm just hoping I don't mess it up. I'm already quite displeased with a lot of things but I'm learning a lot through my mistakes. (I have also chosen a really supportive and accepting friend to do it for so I know he/she won't be too harsh about it - which makes me feel a bit less stressed.)

Anyway.. I had to share the news with SOMEONE. And it's still so vague! Soon enough I will be able to post a picture.. or four. Heh.

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Blogger Julie D. said...

You tricksy girl, you! I loved that card as you well know. Brilliant design. :-)

9/24/2006 07:15:00 PM  

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