Thursday, August 31, 2006

Are you KIDDING me? Pro-abortion email sent to me...

via my blog email...

The Wisdom of Abortion:
Its Power, Purpose and Meaning

What people are saying:
* Excellent. Very readable. An intelligent breath of fresh air
in the abortion debate. - M. W.
* A powerful book . . . strong arguments for people who need
facts, not diatribes . . . reveals the reasons for - indeed,
the wisdom of - the abortion choice. - C. A., editor
* If you want to understand the reasons why women chooose abortion,
read this book. - T. A.

You are invited to download a free electronic copy at

Best wishes!

P.S. This is a one-time notice. If you find this
email unwelcome, delete it and forget it. And
accept my apology."
*angry face* Are you KIDDING me?! This was sent to my BLOG email address. How did she get my email? Did she visit my blog? Know I'm pro-life? Think this was funny?

She can expect a response.

UPDATE: Great suggestion on a simple response from IcePrincessKRS...
You should find a really strong pro-life book and mimick her format and e-mail it back!!!!


Anonymous Tony said...

She can expect a response.

I respond like this. "Here is my mailing address, please send me an envelope into which I can put my donation".

(When the envelope comes, toss it in the trash, rest assured that the price of the postage can't be used for an effective mailing.)

I also like to be on their mailing list to know what the enemy is doing (IOW, if they know of abortion related legislation in your town, they can notify you so you can take action (not the action they'd expect or like :))

9/01/2006 03:29:00 PM  

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