Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a suffering family needs your prayers

After already struggling with a daughter suffering from serious depression (with a whole handful of troubles of her own), MRSannie writes this:
Dear Pham--

Our family has suffered a terrible incident.

Our 13 yr old autistic son was exposed to some horrific pornography this summer.

Without our knowlege, he acted out with his very young cousins (ages 3 & 5) during a visit to our home.

A couple of weeks later the children mentioned it to their mother, who called us.

She is understandably totally upset, had to report it, is devastated (as we are also). She cannot understand our son, who she thinks (and says) is a monster.

Our son is not fully aware of what he did and its impact, and yet knows NOW it was wrong--but he himself was unable to process what he saw, and is mentally not fully capable of socially appropriate behavior. He is a sweet, kind, loving boy, but is mentally younger than his age.

We are so very horrified at it all.

Our son is in counseling, being evaluated by a specialist who deals with child offenders.

another painful part is the mother of the young ones is a)an atheist, b) a survivior herself of an assault as an adult and c) my sister who has stopped all communication with us without explanation (although I do not blame her, I am unable to help her in any way and am so very sorry for all this)

Our hearts are so broken, we are so sad that this has occurred.

Please phamily, pray for us.
This family has definitely been in my prayers since the first request several months ago (regarding their daughter). I feel though that they could use all of the spiritual support they can get. Even one of these situations is so hard on a family and to know that both of these things are going on at the same time... well I just can't even imagine. So please, keep them in your prayers.



Blogger Jennifer F. said...

Wow, I actually just heard her call into Dr. Ray's show on Relevant Radio today. I felt so terrible for her. What a horribly difficult situation. They're all in my prayers.

8/31/2006 09:50:00 PM  
Blogger Laura H. said...

Yeah she told us about that. She was really thankful to have talked to him.

I can't even imagine being in that situation...

8/31/2006 09:55:00 PM  

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