Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vocation Talk

from phatmass - something I have learned in time...
I am lost. I feel a call to the religious life. I was wondering if anybody else felt like this tell your stories please and the way you helped to accept your Call. ...
Women who would make great mothers (great mothers have to desire to be great mothers - don't forget that) would make great sisters. In the same respect, women who would make great sisters would make great mothers.

The desire for motherhood that you feel in your heart - or perhaps for the different aspects of motherhood - are good and holy and right. God has placed them there for a reason and I would dare say allows them to always be present in a woman's heart. To desire such a blessing is natural and pleasing to God. It must be known though that following your heart to Him and Him alone, without an earthly family of your own seed, is good and holy and right too. God calls us to Himself and it is pleasing to Him that we should answer and follow the path He lays for us. Those women who are called to the sisterhood can (and do) use their natural desires to better serve the Lord and His people. The gifts God gives to you in your womanhood are not squandered upon entrance to a religious community. No, I daresay they are enhanced.

In your prayers, focus not on your mind but on your will to do what God desires. As someone has already said, if you feel you may be called to religious life, pursue that vocation as if you know you are. Find a spiritual director, continue to pray and receive the sacraments often, and allow God to work in your life.

Embracing your vocation does not mean a lack of anxiety or fear. Certainly many people are frightened or nervous at first. Every vocation is huge and is such a merciful gift from the Lord. None of us are worthy. However, if you allow God to move in your heart and you allow your will to be conformed to His own, you will know true joy. Your vocation will bring you all the happiness your heart can hold. No one will ever tell you it will be easy (because no vocation is) but they will tell you how greatly God will bless you.. for turly, religious life is not easy (nor is married life), but if He truly calls you, it is the greatest thing. Above all, if you follow Him, He will not cease to amaze you.

Let Him win your heart. You won't regret it.


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