Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The 6th annual Girls' Retreat is next weekend and I am so hopeful for it. I know it will be amazing and God will be blessing the girls abundantly. This retreat means so much to me and I am so happy to be helping to put it on this year. It seems to be the biggest group of women we've ever had putting it on and I'm honored to be working with them on it. They are all truly amazing women. (I'm the youngest in the group and let me tell ya, I have so much to learn from these ladies! I'm excited to be a part of them.)

Our patron saint this year is Saint Maria Goretti - also my patron saint! I'm so thrilled that she is our patron. She is a wonderful saint. When we sat down for our first meeting to discuss all of the big stuff for the retreat we all threw out a handful of saint names each. We had some really great ones on the list (which ones aren't, though?) but a few kept being repeated. Maria was one of them. We didn't actually decide on a saint that day, however. Since we usually do t-shirts (we sadly won't be able to afford them this year) we also choose a movie to go along with our patron saint. It doesn't have to be an appropriate movie because we always twist it to fit our meaning. (Though in recent years we have aimed to find movies appropriate to view so that we could watch that as part of the retreat.) We weren't able to come up with a saint and movie so we left with an assignment: pray. We knew that God would show us who our patron would be.

The first year our patron was, of course, Mary. Our movie? Easy. "There's Something About Mary" - hah. It was awesome. We had a quote on the back and a picture of Mary, with the movie (title) logo on the front. I often confuse the order of the years following and can't seem to keep track of them all (I believe I've only ever missed one). The next year I believe it was Saint Agnes, Silence of the Lambs. One year was a saint I never forget but am forgetting now (Saint Teresa of Avila? No...) and after her was Mother Teresa (she was the year I missed). Last year was Saint Maria Faustina, A Series of Fortunate Events.

Anyway, I am beyond thrilled. My heart is truly joyful. I have seen so many wonderful things come from these retreats and I just KNOW something great will come of this. Oo.. I can hardly contain my joy.

Pray that I do Saint Maria Goretti justice in my 'talk' about her. She is such a beautiful Saint and words seem so futile. Especially now that she is in heaven with our Lord, how beautiful is a soul in that state? Also please pray for the girls who will attend and put on the retreat. We all have so much to gain from our time together and our time together in front of the Lord (in the Holy Eucharist which we will have in a tabernacle in one of the rooms).

+Lord, thank you for the graces you shower on us. Thank you for 'Al', for each of the other women and thank you most of all for providing me the opportunity to know each of them and work with them, especially on this occassion.


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