Tuesday, July 25, 2006

GR6 Preparations

Well I made the trek out to Keller today to make copies, fold and bind Liturgy of the Hours, and stuff folders. Getting there was quite the adventure as I had never made the trip alone. In my anxious excitement, I jumped the gun on exits and turns more than once. It was never anything huge but I was definitely ready to be there.

What was supposed to be four people working turned into two and I was 45 minutes late! Oops. Still we managed to finish.. and finish early! That was good. I feel better (and I'm sure Al does too) knowing that it's done. That's one less thing to do tomorrow.

I'm still working on preparing my talks for the retreat so if you get a chance, pray that, should it be His will, the Holy Spirit works in and through me during those times. They are probably two of the top three most important talks at the retreat in my mind. I'm a little nervous and a little excited. (Being so tired though I couldn't tell you which is dominating.)While discussing the talks with Al, she showed me something she had run across while cleaning out her house. It was a paper, about three pages long, that I had written about five years ago (at least). It was about living a good Catholic life and not being luke-warm in the faith. Apparently I wrote it simply because I felt like it. That was kinda cool. I had to laugh though because I compared a car and it's manual to our life and God. (Poopy brownies anyone?)

I'm very ready to see all the girls and I'm very ready to experience this again. It is one of the most beautiful retreats I have been on and what's great is that I know it will be back. Where there is a will, there is a way. And I believe this retreat continues not because we will it, but because God wills it.

+May the Lord bless us and keep us from all evil. Amen.


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