Saturday, June 03, 2006

Totally Yours

This post from Happy Catholic has a good quote that no one should forget (forget the concept that is! You don't have to memorize it!).
Our vocation is to belong to Jesus. The easiest way and the simplest way of belonging is this: the Holy Spirit makes us do that giving of self, that total surrender to God, without any reflection, without counting the cost. We call that "blind surrender." It is like Our Lady: when she knew that the Lord was calling, she said yes. And she never withdrew that yes. It was a blind, continual yes in her life. It is the same thing for us. The whole of our life must come to that one word: yes. Yes to God: that is holiness. We allow God to take from us whatever he wants and we accept whatever he gives with a big smile. That is yes in action.

We must know exactly when we say yes to God what is in that yes. Yes means "I surrender," totally, fully, without any counting the cost, without any examination, "Is it all right? Is it convenient?" Our yes to God is without any reservations. I belong to him so totally that there are no reservations. It doesn't matter what we feel.
--Blessed (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta
That is what I wish. Total surrender.

One of my favorite praise and worship songs has always been "Consume Me". The lyrics go:

Completely, consume me Lord (girls echo)(4x)

I am the clay, You are the Potter
I am the child, You are the Father

The only thing I want
is to be captured and
surrounded by your love
Oh Lord, won’t you consume me,


Love that song. Pope John Paul the Great was known for the phrase "Totus Tuus" which, in Latin, means 'totally yours'. I have taken it as my own now too and it is who I am. Mother Teresa is explaining my phrase. (And hopefully one day, my tatoo.)

Tota Tua

God bless and Mary protect now and always! Embrace God's grace! Be holy!


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