Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mikey! Stop throwing your spaghetti! It's rude!

A question I posed elsewhere...

So I have a lot of friends that are very open with ... their bodies? This is not to say that they are sexually active or intend to be before marriage, however, I still think much of it to be inappropriate. Perhaps it is me being uptight?

I don't enjoy seeing my friends that are in relationships hanging all over their significant other. Be affectionate, don't be gross. This would include but is not limited to: intertwined legs and (oddly enough) toes, sitting on a persons lap (or having them in yours), sitting in between someone's legs, carrying a person on your shoulders (or being carried on someone's shoulders), holding the other closely (fronts together or one person's back to the other's front) while carrying on a conversation, and (sometimes) piggy back rides (which is kinda like being on someone's shoulders).

At some ages these things might be appropriate but honestly, I don't really see any young age where this would be happening between two people of opposite sexes. I think this would happen with girls more so than guys, but perhaps guys too.

Am I uptight? Is this a little much? At what age/point are certain behaviors no longer acceptable?


Anonymous Tammy said...

A peck on the lips in greeting, holding hands, or arm around the shoulder when sitting is about what I feel is appropriate PDA. You're not alone! I just dont feel comfortable around people who overdo PDA. I think its just a matter of people being more considerate.

6/15/2006 12:44:00 PM  

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