Monday, April 17, 2006

Represent Life

Apologies for not having this up sooner! If you don't get the chance to purchase a shirt this year, nothing is stopping us from wearing any older versions or other pro-life shirts!

Wear the shirt, spread the message. Life is precious!

From the site:
What is it?
This is American Life League's fourth annual National Pro-Life T-shirt Day. Hundreds of thousands of people participate every year, and we are looking for another huge turnout. We encourage you to wear your pro-life shirt anywhere and everywhere you go this April 25.

If you have a pro-life T-shirt, wear it!

Why do this?
More than 3,500 babies are surgically aborted every day in America, and thousands more die by chemical abortions. We cannot just sit by and be silent. Wearing a pro-life shirt will open eyes, spark discussion, and save lives. It’s effective, easy, and something that even the meekest of persons can do to take a stand.

Help Cure Abortion by participating in National Pro-life T-shirt Day. Help stop the spread of this “disease” by educating those around you, in class, at the mall, at sporting events or anywhere you happen to be. Abortion is the leading cause of death in America and we will not stop until this “disease” has ended and a Culture of Life has been restored.

Learn more (including what to do if you are harassed) at their site! Click the banner!
--- Please everyone pass this reminder along! Make sure everyone represents! ---


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