Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Book

When I was in high school I started this journal-of-sorts that I called "Laura's Happy Book". It was a lift from a friend one year my senior. She had been journaling in this book for quite some time and I really liked the idea. So I started my own and journaled away quite regularly... for about a month. Slowly I stopped writing so much in my happy book. I would remember it occassionally and say very unconvincingly to myself that I would pick it up again. There are still pages to be inserted and memories to be journaled... so many that I doubt I will ever really get to putting them all in.

I thought about my happy book today after thinking about starting a quote journal like the one Julie D keeps. I think I want to commit to starting it up again. I really enjoy reading back over my happy memories. I love the pictures and I love the funny stories and warm fuzzies.

I think everyone should have a happy book. If we all could remember just a little more the things that make us smile - especially the little things - our world might be a better place. Yeah, yeah. I said it. But it's true! If we could all just take a little more time to recognize the 'happy' in our lives, we might actually be better or better off!

So I'm challenging myself to pick up my happy book and to make something of it again. I miss it.


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