Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Update on prayer request from this morning...

My dears thank you so much. Muchos hugs. I love you all. grouphug.gif

I'm still in some pain but they gave me a lot of drugs. I have to tell you I have just had the worst hospital/clinic experience I have ever had in my entire life. Let me tell you something about the British NHS system. It is great for smaller conditions and ailments. But when you have larger serious problems it's awful -- they try to put off any substantial diagnosis methods like xray or mri unless it's a last resort. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten supplemental private insurance prior to coming here to the U.K.

All they did was give me some drugs and as soon as I was able to walk again they just sent me home, basically kicked me out without any instructions as to when I would be good to go home, and what medications i should be taking when after being given truckloads of medication. They also either lost my cell phone or it somehow got stolen. I was hobbling out of the clinic with a crutch and still crying because of the pain and they basically told me I would have to figure out my own way to get home, and asked me if I had any money or my purse on me... and I said "are you kidding me? I was in BED, and brought here by ambulance!" and they told me to wait (which I had been doing ALL DAY) and of course after waiting I was completely ignored (like usual) and I couldn't get a friend to pick me up because they lost my phone!!!!

With the exception of one doctor and a couple of the nurses, several of the people I saw were really rude and not very compassionate. At the end of it all I said 'FORGET THIS, I'VE HAD IT. I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO WALK HOME!!"

I didn't have to walk all the way home, I hopped on the bus, and thanks be to God there were no ticket people demanding valid bus passes. The whole experience left me feeling very dejected, very alone, like I was a nuisance for even being there and crying for... oh I'm sorry... being in severe pain. I did try offering up the pain with a series of hail marys for souls and loved ones around me.

I think it was a bad flare up or spasm of some kind that hopefully will subside, as I'm not screaming in pain anymore and more or less I can move a little easier. The test comes when I get up to make some oatmeal in a minute or two.

But I have to wait until Friday to call my doctor and have them schedule an MRI, and when I asked the doctor how long that would take they said it was "up to the system"

The kicker here is that the company that I *really* want to work for most called me this afternoon and they want to interview me. They contacted me first a little over a month ago, which is a really good sign. I sent them promotional materials and indicated that I really liked their company, their work, and was theirs for the taking. I honestly think this is my best chance at getting the job I need, and most of all this is a job that I really want.

I don't know how this back problem will figure into this and how much I should tell them. Plus, how I should be scheduling the interview depending on when I am supposed to get an MRI done.

Should I just interview with them, stay positive, and not say anything about the back thing, or mention it off hand and if they ask tell them that they don't think it's really serious? (they did say they didn't think it was a serious neurological issue -- because they said I had really good leg strength and a lot of it is the result of muscle spasm)

Obviously being whiny or desperate is not going to get me a job, so I'm not going to give them a big sob story.

Again thanks for your prayers, please continue to pray that if it's God's will he may lighten my cross a little, maybe cure me, heal me some, but most of all be my guide during this critical time.
So I'll take my cue from ash: please continue to pray that if it's God's will He may lighten her cross a little, maybe cure her, heal her some, but most of all be her guide during this critical time.



Anonymous Tammy said...

Ash - glad to hear your out of bed at least! I've had back problems for several years... nothing like yours, which I can only imagine. Its quite a scary thing. About your job situation though - there's nothing that requires you to tell a potential employer about your medical issues. So, I wouldnt mention it - I would ask about medical benefits, which is a normal question. Hope things get better for you.

8/17/2006 08:21:00 AM  
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