Sunday, April 30, 2006

Life of Radical Faith and Service

The more I read about St. Francis the more amazed I am at his radical faith and how he lived it in everything that he did. He tore off his sleeve for those with less than him. He was beaten and he crawled out of the ditch to walk away happy. The love of God shone through him to all. He touched so many people and converted those with hard hearts. So many doubted him and couldn't comprehend how he lived, but he continued on, hardly letting any of it get to him.

There is a community of Friars (and Sisters) in the Bronx that live just like St. Francis did. They wear gray habits and sandals (no hose) with simple veils. They serve the poor and outcast of the city and with immense joy. They sleep on the floor and have nothing. They die to themselves and to the world in order to better serve our God. Their work is truly oustanding.

I wish I had more time to honor this community. One of their apostolates is the Youth 2000 retreat which I enjoy so very much. A few of them traveled with us to World Youth Day in Toronto. They are wonderful group of men and women and I wish more people knew about them.

My time has been so consumed by job hunting and planning for summer that I have been forced to neglect my blog for a while. This is the best I can do for now. Perhaps there will be time later. A trip to the Hot Springs lake house is to happen either Tuesday or Wednesday so I can't say when I will be back. For better and more consistent reading I will refer to you to Happy Catholic. Trust me: It's good!


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You are too kind ... and I'm serious about that! :-D

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