Monday, May 28, 2007

Josiah, requiescat in pace, ora pro nobis.

Matt, from the school of Mary, twin brother of Nick at phatcatholic apologetics, is asking for prayers for Amy, author of The "Refusal to Grasp", and her husband Duston. I haven't kept up with Amy in a while and so I missed her post about losing their first child, Josiah, to miscarriage. It is a beautiful post and definitely worth the read. The story is amazing and their faith, awe-inspiring. May the good Lord bless them and keep them, shower His every grace upon them, and may the Holy Spirit descend in this time of great suffering, to be with them and give them His peace.

Matt also provides this link for reading on the name Josiah.

Please pray for the peace of this family. Josiah, requiescat in pace, ora pro nobis.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

will pray...i suffered 2 miscarriages..both very painful...God bless them..

5/29/2007 08:33:00 AM  

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