Friday, February 09, 2007

Hug Your Children

Every time you hug your children, remember that now is not eternity. Cherish your time with them here on earth for soon you will be asked to part.
This is the darling angel daughter of a fellow photographer I met through Jinky's workshop. She passed away on Monday...after being trapped in her parents car for a half hour in Australia...she was unable to get out...please, check first to make sure that the horn on your car works even without the engine running, and then teach your young children how to honk the horn if they're ever trapped in a vehicle. Please pray for Ava's family, laureen
The above was posted to Two Peas In A Bucket by chumsmum. How horrible it is for this beautiful little girl to have died that way. I pray the family is comforted in this time. May her soul forever rest in the peace of Christ's eternal kingdom.


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