Saturday, September 30, 2006

'Being In Love'

A post over at Seeing through a glass darkly... might be just the thing I need to get my blog back into gear. It really touched me and I wanted to share it with all of you. She may not post a lot, but when she does, she outdoes herself. (Praise God for His workings in her!)
When I first learned about contemplative life I thought, "I could NEVER do that! No way, no how." After I was married and spent a few weekends with the contemplative branch of the Sisters of St. John I started to think that if I ever had the opportunity to pursue a vocation (i.e., if (GOD FORBID) something were to happen to my darling hubband) that I might be called to contemplative life. I even told my husband it was a good thing I hadn't visited as he'd wanted before we were married or he might still be single!

If you knew me you'd laugh at the idea of me being a contemplative sister...a lot. But it's weird how you get that tug on your heart. Even though I have a vocation as a wife and a mother I only just now realize that that tug was then a sign, and now a reminder, of the vocation I have as an Oblate of the Community to live in a spirit of contemplation.

As with all things though we gain knowledge and understanding in God's time, not ours. I was shocked when I requested permission to begin my preparation for Oblature that the Father with whom I was speaking observed that I was somewhat living the life of an Oblate already. I was even more shocked when he said he saw the spirit of contemplation in my life.
This is only a portion and it only gets better. I had no idea what lay in store for me at the beginning of this post and by the end... well I was blown away.

Read the full post here.


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