Friday, June 16, 2006

Cardinal Virtues

The post over at Happy Catholic about the four cardinal virtues is what made me think of the Ten Virtues of Mary.

Looking through my notes I found where I had scribbled down ideas on the cardinal virtues. While they are nothing compared to what is offered elsewhere, I'll post them anyway. For someone like myself, this is a good explanation to start with. Baby steps... baby steps.
Prudence: The opposite of being impulsive - requires that you approach moral problems with a degree of caution. Also called wise judgement, prudence relies heavily on our reason. In fact, Saint Thomas Aquinas (!) called it "right reason in action" (CCC 1806)

Justice: giving both God and neighbor what is their due - habit of thinking about the needs of others as much as your own needs and acting on what you know to be fair

Temperance: balance in your life - self-control in all areas of our life

Fortitude: strengthens us to overcome obstacles to living morally

-->With God guiding our efforts though Divine Grace, the cardinal virtues will bring our moral life to a higher level of integrity
That's all I had... and it was enough for me. I do encourage all to read the post (linked to above) over at Happy Catholic. It is, like all others, a good one. *thumbs up*

May God bless you and Mary protect you. Be holy!


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