Friday, May 05, 2006

Shop-aholics Beware!

With North Park's expansion now complete I had to remind myself constantly today, "Material things will not make you happy. Material things will not make you happy." But who's to say I can't still browse in my long-time favorite mall in the Big D, now also the largest in Texas?

Check out this report from WFAA!!

And a picture from the report with the caption: "With the 1.4-acre Center Park in the middle, NorthPark becomes the only mall in the nation with a sizeable outdoor area for eating, playing or relaxing."

Oh how my little shopper heart longs to be there right now! As I cruised through the mall with my mom only a short time ago I could feel my heart beating faster the further along we got. New stores, old stores, so many stores! Northpark is an experience unlike any other. Dim lighting aside, the place is wonderful. Forgive me for the unusual order but really... it's the sounds, then the smells, and most obviously - the sights!

NorthPark has to be experience in person to understand and gain true appreciation... but I'll share some more photos anyway.

NorthPark is great...
........ during the day .................... or at night ........

........ for a show .................... or for food ........

and hey! The kids love it too!

So before I get myself too excited I suppose I should wrap by sharing my favorite spots. Bath and Body Works is a pleasure for any girl - any age. Foley's and Dillard's always have great sales. You're sure never to leave empty-handed or unsatisfied. I have to promote the Clinique in Dillard's too: the women are great. I've never gone to the counter and been unsatisfied. They're friendly, helpful, and very relaxed - no pressure! And hello! Could they have a better spot in the store? Right across from the fabulous shoe department! Ooo.. getting excited again. If you want to grab a bite, I suggest Le Madeleine and Godiva for desert! Nordstrom's is fun to look through when you can laugh about being poor. Then be amazed at how many people around you aren't - and are actually buying new wardrobes! (Yes, I'm amazed every time.) If it's jewelry you need, James Avery Craftsman is your place. Love that store! That makes for a pretty good trip and if you poke your head into too many more, I can tell you from experience that you might just see them all.

Visit the NorthPark Homepage and don't forget to peep the history!

NorthPark - Opening Day - 1965


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