Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brought to you by the comments box...

In a recent "Remembering Papa" entry there was this comment left by the author (daughter of St. John) of Seeing Through a Glass Darkly:
I love that photo! It's on the cover of his last book of poetry "Roman Triptych" which I just received in the mail. A few poingnant lines to reflect upon for Holy Week, from part 4 of "A Hill in the Land of Moriah" which speaks of Abraham's sacrifice of Issac

"If today we go to these places
whence, long ago, Abraham set out,
where he heard the Voice, where the promise was fulfilled,
we do so in order to stand at the threshold --
to go back to the beginning of the Covenant.
For God revealed to Abraham
what it means for a father to sacrifice his own son --
a sacrificial death.
Abraham -- God so loved the world
that he gave his only Son, that all who believe in Him
should have eternal life.

Stop here!
I carry your name within me,
this name is the sign of the Covenant
which the Eternal Word made with you
even before the world was created.

Remember this place once you go forth from here,
this place will await its day . . ."

Selah to all this Holy Week!
Obviously I felt it worthy of posting on the main page. Enjoy!


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