Thursday, December 11, 2008

Neither here nor there

I think I'm going to start calling all of my "random" posts "Neither here nor there". Sounds like a name I could live with. I suppose it's neither here nor there.

Oh, come on. That was funny.

It made me laugh.

Anyway, I decided that it was high time to stop dreaming about all the wonderful things I wanted to do in life and just go about doing something concrete and productive. This is not to say I've stopped dreaming, it's just that I've also started doing. Dreaming and doing. It's wonderful.

Speaking of dreaming, I'm dreaming of winning this contest. I'd love to keep it all to myself, but that wouldn't be very friendly and giving of me. I strive to be friendly and giving. Don't let my stink-eye scare you away. You don't know about the stink eye? Then you don't know me! I mean... isn't this damask thank you card just lovely?!

Hurry on over and enter the giveaway! And don't forget to mosey around the blog while you're there. Heck, go ahead and add it to your google reader like I did! You can never have enough blogs to read...

Speaking of reading blogs, how is it that I now come to a reader each day with over 150 unread posts?! That's unreal. UN-REAL. Actually, it's very real. Which is why I'm telling you about it. But enough about me... more about me!

I was looking through images on my cell phone again the other night trying to decide which ones I simply must keep and which ones I could delete. The thought of parting with any of them is way more overwhelming that it should be but somehow accepting and sharing my psychosis as it relates to such a trivial matter makes me feel okay with it.

What was I talking about? Oh right. Cell phone pictures. I found this one:

Is this not a gorgeous cat? My eyes are already watering and burning and itching and driving me nutty just looking at the photo but really! It's beautiful!! -- What is it anyway with developing allergies so late in life? I mean, this wasn't a problem when I was young the way it is now. What gives?

My birthday is Sunday and I'm honestly dreading it. I think this is the first year I can remember that I actually wish I could just skip the day. Last year some families for whom I babysit threw a party at Matt's, a local Mexican restaurant, for me when my own plans failed to execute. It was a big birthday last year and I thought I had to do something. I'm glad I did but... I'm just not really up for any of it this year. I don't like the big fuss. It's just another Sunday.

Some things I am not dreading and for which I must remember to be grateful:

- Helping a friend pack for her move to Kansas as she was recently engaged! I'll miss her terribly but am ecstatic for her and this new chapter in her life.

- CRHP get-together on the 15th (those girls are just lovely), wrapping party tonight, and cookie swap (hosted by a CRHP sister) on Sunday

- Helping with the Magi Tree sorting and distribution on Saturday

Not to mention the White Rock Marathon is Sunday morning and I cannot WAIT!! Wanting so very desperately to venture into running myself, this is one of the highlights of my December.

In November, I volunteered for the DRC Half Marathon. I called times at Mile 9 and had a blast. I had almost lost my voice by the end of it but it was still fun. I loved watching my friends pass, sweat gleaming and smiles shining. So awesome!

Since I've nothing more to say, I'm checking out before I totally lose all readership I may have gained the past five minutes. Peace!


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