Tuesday, April 08, 2008

First Profession of Vows 2008

On March 3, twelve CFR friars made their first profession of vows. Please pray for them:

Br. Josemaria De Jesus, CFR
Br. Umile Pio Aiello, CFR
Br. Teresiano Maria Madrigal, CFR
Br. Eoin Pol Fallon, CFR
Br. Matthew Youssef Hawkins, CFR
Br. Giles Maria Barrie, CFR
Br. Cyril Joseph Grandell, CFR
Br. Bernardine Mary Sharpe, CFR
Br. Pius Marie Gagne, CFR
Br. Francesco Mary Gavazzi, CFR
Br. Aloysius Marie Mazzone, CFR
Fr. James Mary Atkins, CFR

Here's a bea-u-tiful video of the Mass of Profession! Enjoy!


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