Friday, April 21, 2006

Get on your knees and pray..

So many people in need of prayer right now. Another two men are in need of healing which again has me asking for your prayers. Whatever you can spare is greatly appreciated. Here's the story:
Hey all... please don't think I'm crazy but...

I'm usually the ultimate skeptic but I can't help but believe that two of my best friends are being seriously attacked by demons. In the same week they both poored they're hearts out to me, basically begging me to help them turn their lives around. I knew for a while that they were both going through some things, but this is the first time they really seemed to admit that they'd lost control. I was praying for them the other day to St. Michael because I just had this impression that something else was going on. I broke down into tears and began to just poor my own heart out to the Lord through St. Michael, because I feel helpless - like I just don't know how to help my friends. Then suddenly, it was like I was speaking but they were not my own words. They were, strong and pointed. I hardly remember the stuff I was saying but it was directed at Satan. Something to the effect of "You are like a fly to Lord. The Lord will squash you like the bug you are". That's really all I remember. I couldn't help but realize that the evil one is just taking advantage of my friends, preying on their weaknesses. I dunno. I hope I don't sound loony.

Things are just getting worse. These two guys are like brothers to me. I've known them both since i was in pre-school. They were both raised in loving, church-going, Catholic families. Yet one friend has a serious depression problem that often affects his health physically. He also happens to have an unhealthy interest in ghosts, demons, ouija boards, and all that nonsense. My other friend on the other hand is dealing with major drug issues. He can't stop - using or selling.

I'm trying to bring them back to mass, get them to confession, and maybe to seek some professional help as well. But I really fear there is something evil involved. And what they could really use is prayer. Please pray for my friends. They're good guys. They just need to open their hearts and any demon would be defenseless. Please, Please pray for them.

Thanks all. You're in my prayers as well.

Saint Michael, pray for us all.
Thanks to y'all for all of the prayers for these people. I keep the blogging sphere in my prayers daily. More later!


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