Thursday, April 20, 2006

How about... WACKO... Catholics?

A recent post by Gerald Augustinus left my blood boiling and my heart breaking over issues beyond belief in the Catholic Church here in America.

"Mega-churches" have apparently caught on with some of our less than obedient brothers and sisters in Christ. His commentary on the article about Holy Family Catholic Parish Community in Inverness had me jumping around in my chair like a Baptist on Sunday.

From the rock'n'roll choir to the jacuzzi baptismal font, these people really know how to turn heads! I have to say though, if they're not careful, theirs are going to be rolling soon! Evangelicals have always made me a little uneasy, but this is ridiculous!

"I think what happened to the Catholic Church is we became a little comfortable with ourselves and forgot some of what made us Catholic. We forgot what made us passionate," said Holy Family's pastor, Rev. Pat Brennan. "So I've just taken the best that I've seen of Catholic parishes and evangelical churches and put them together to make Holy Family. In doing that, I think we've rediscovered the heart of Catholicism."

Excuse me for a moment while I fall out of my chair laughing. I see now why Gerald won the "Best New Blog" award. Props to you, Gerald!

I suppose one thought comes to mind for all: How can they be so blind? All of this "behind the times" talk would have me direct you to another post, this time by Father Stephanos.

"God did not intend for eternal Truth to be determined by a democratic vote." -Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger

EDIT: One more quote which comes to mind by Father Corapi: "I wouldn't boast about what makes you a heretic." They may not be there yet but they're certainly walking a fine line!


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